Decorating ideas for an olive green bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Olive green interiors got a bad rap in the 1970s for being dull and lifeless, but the organic shade, when coordinated with another modern colour, can look ultra stylish in a current day bedroom. Wood tones and rich shades of yellow, black or purple help add definition to an olive green room and result in a dramatic space that invites you in. Add large art prints or wall graphics to make your bedroom choices even more impressive.

Olive and Deep Brown

Olive and brown are both rich, earthy colours, and together they can create an inviting bedroom space that is restful and dramatic. Accentuate the olive green walls by placing dark wood furnishings in the room. A dark wood bed frame, bed dressed with olive green linens and a combination of green and chocolate or coffee brown pillows tie the palette together. Add brushed silver finishes on table lamps, mirror frames and picture frames to brighten the bedroom. Hang a print of Edouard Manet's "Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe, 1863" in the room to complete the rich, somewhat masculine bedroom space.

Olive and Yellow

Olive green and a warm yellow, when combined, create a brighter, somewhat retro feel in a bedroom. Paint one wall a warm buttery yellow to lighten the space and provide a background for an upholstered or white wood headboard. Mix olive green bed linens with a patterned yellow and olive green comforter. When you lay a pale white area rug and white, highly embellished throw pillows to the bed area, you define the space and update the look from standard 1970s to current day.

Whitewashed furniture in the room enhances natural lighting. Apply a peel-and-stick olive or light yellow tree graphic to an open wall to add further interest to the room or hang a group of six framed photographs featuring the dominant colours in your room.

Olive and Black

Sleek black furniture and a low-profile, black-framed bed creates a modern look in an olive green bedroom. Place black-shaded table lamps beside the bed to create an intriguing glow in the space. Dress the bed in black and olive green to coordinate the space. Consider hanging a framed Andy Warhol print titled "Everybody," which features olive green and black graphics over the bed or dresser to further enhance the modern urban style. A black leather bench at the end of the bed completes the space.

Olive and Deep Purple

Similar to the colours of the eggplant, olive green and purple complement each other beautifully to add a soft touch to a bedroom. Stylish enough for an adult of either sex, multiple shades of purple distract the viewer from the potentially dated wall colour. Use a highly textured purple comforter on an olive green dressed bed to create a focal point. Pile up a variety of throw pillows in purples and olive green to coordinate the space. Hang sheer purple curtains over a window to diffuse light and accessorise with decorative ceramic or glass balls to add interest.

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