Guitar cake ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether the party is for the rocker in your life or simply the music fan in the family, a guitar cake can be a fun custom cake to receive. A guitar cake can range from a 3D cake to a simple sheet cake with a picture of a guitar on it -- all depending on your skill level and the amount of time you have to put into the cake.

Carved 3D Cakes

Carved cakes do require a little more time and skill to complete. A guitar cake that is carved will typically start as a baked sheet cake (half or quarter) that has been filled, stacked and frosted. You will then use a knife to cut the sheet cake into the shape of a guitar body and neck. These types of cakes can be decorated with frosting or a fondant covering, depending on the amount of time you have and access to professional decorating equipment. Decorate your carved cake to look like an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. If your recipient has a favourite guitar or colour, try to incorporate that into the design of the cake.

Sheet Cakes

For the host that is on the go, drawing a guitar on a sheet cake may be the only way to go. This can be done by tracing a guitar pattern onto a piece of waxed paper. Lay the waxed paper over a prepared and frosted sheet cake. Use a clean knife or toothpick to trace against the waxed paper onto the surface of the sheet cake. Ensure that the layer of butter cream on your sheet cake has had time to crust over and is not soft enough for the waxed paper to stick. Remove the waxed paper and you should have an outline traced onto your cake's surface. Use a pastry bag and your desired colour frosting to outline the guitar borders, and then start filling them in with a pastry bag fixed with a star tip or using a spatula with different coloured frostings.

Toppers and Pre-Made Guitar Figurines

Not everyone has the time to carve out a guitar let alone trace one. This is where purchasing pre-made cake toppers or guitar figurines can be of special help. These items can be purchased in the toy section of your local store or from your local cake decorating supplier. If you are too rushed for time to bake your own cake, purchase a round, square or tiered cake from your local bakery that has been frosted and coloured to your desired preference and simply bring it home to apply pre-made guitar figurines on top of the cake, on the base or even around the side.

Decoration Ideas

Guitar cakes can be a way to represent the personality of the cake recipient. If your recipient is in a band or owns a guitar of his own, try to base the decorations on his current guitar or even put his band's logo on the cake. Some other popular decoration ideas are black guitar cakes with red, yellow and orange flames. For little girls, try a pink or purple guitar decorated with silver stars and pink flowers. For little boys, try out a blue guitar with silver stars and lettering. Sometimes even leaving a guitar cake to look like a simple acoustic guitar is just fine.

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