Ancient Greek Goddess Hairstyles

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether it's for a costume party, a play or a wedding, the perfect goddess hairstyle can complete a divine outfit. Creating ancient Greek goddess hairstyles is easy if you keep a few guidelines in mind. Many of the hairstyles depicted in ancient Greek art featured long or medium length hair as well as curls or waves, and many goddesses were depicted with their hair pulled up.

Artemis Hairstyle

Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, and she is often depicted with her hair pulled up and back. She has a slightly messy updo embellished with thin silver ribbons that are wound around her head to keep her hair back. For an Artemis hair style, curl your hair loosely and let some tendrils fall down around your face and neck; pin your hair up at the crown of the head. Finish off this hairstyle by winding a ribbon around your head from the nape of the neck to the forehead and back. Tie or pin the ribbon at the neck.

Aphrodite Long Hair Styles

Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, is sometimes depicted with long hair worn down around her shoulders. In order to capture the classic beauty of Aphrodite's hairstyle, curl long hair on large rollers to create loose waves and spray with a loose-hold hairspray. Part the hair in the middle and brush it down over shoulders and down the back.

Aphrodite Updos

Sometimes Aphrodite is depicted in ancient Greek artwork with her hair in a classical updo. This style is much like the Artemis updo, but the curls should be tighter and more defined. To create the Aphrodite updo, curl hair on large rollers or a large curling iron and spray each curl to define the shape. Then pin curls at the crown of the head, and wrap with a gold ribbon or a ribbon that matches the colour of the goddess costume. For longer hair, braids can be incorporated into the Aphrodite hairstyle. You can braid two sections of hair at the temples and pull the braids back into the updo or wrap the braids around the gathered curls.

Hera Hairstyles

The mother goddess of the ancient Greek pantheon, Hera, often is depicted with her tightly-curled hair pulled back at the sides with curls falling down her neck and shoulders and around her face. For the Hera hairstyle, you should use a small curling iron (1/4 inch) or small create tight curls. Bangs should be curled tightly as well and left to hang over the forehead. Another hairstyle for Hera is a rolled hairstyle, where sections of hair from the temples and above the ears are rolled up and pinned, with the remaining hair rolled into a bun at the back.

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