Gift bag ideas for a teen party

Updated April 17, 2017

A teenager almost always wants to have a party to celebrate her birthday. Whether your child is planning on hosting an intimate get-together with her closest friends or the biggest sweet sixteen bash the town has ever seen, some form of gift bag is an appropriate way to thank the guests for showing up. Teen party favours don't have to be expensive, but they do need to be reminders of an amazing party.

Girls' Slumber Party

For a slumber party, particularly one that includes facials, manicures and pedicures, give the girls gift bags filled with beauty accessories such as lip balm, nail polish, scented body wash and lotion, and a hair accessory. If there are a small number of girls whom your daughter considers to be her best friends, give them each a charm bracelet featuring a charm engraved with your child's name and birthday.

Boys' Man Cave Party

Teen boys aren't exactly expecting to take home a goody bag, but if your teenage son is throwing a "man cave" type of party for a night of video game playing or having a game-watching party, his guests wouldn't mind a gift bag if it had cool items in it. If you can afford it, buy them all the hottest video game out that they came over to play at your house. Alternatively, if they stayed up and played video games all night, pass out to-go breakfast muffins and individual bottles of orange juice in the morning as they are leaving.

Rock Star Party

If your teen is having a rock star-themed birthday party, include temporary rub-on tattoos, a mixed CD of your teen's favourite rock songs, star-shaped sunglasses and glow sticks that could be used at the next rock concert attended. You can also include a key chain displaying a picture of your teen in a full rock gear get-up or a key chain in the shape of a guitar.

Formal Teen Party

If your teen is having a quinceaƱera, bat mitzvah or just a formal sweet sixteen, the party favours should be more formal in nature, or more consistent with an adult party. Include a box of chocolate-coated candies in one of the colours or themes of the party and a thank you note. Another idea is to hand out a party favour that displays your child's picture or name and the date of the event on it, such as a key chain or fountain pen.

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