Adult Party Goody Bag Ideas

Written by megan smith | 13/05/2017
Adult Party Goody Bag Ideas
Give favours at the next party you throw. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Party favour goody bags are not just for kids. When you are throwing a party where the guests are going to be adults, consider making goody bags for them. Include items that remind them of their childhood, or that complement the party's theme. Go all out with your goody bags and make them extravagant, or choose inexpensive items for the bags.


Appeal to the adults' kid side by filling the goody bags with treats. For example, choose candies and chocolate bars that they will remember having enjoyed when they were children. Alternatively, fill a goody bag with treats for an adult's palette, such as gourmet truffles or chocolate-covered strawberries.


Consider handing out goody bags filled with potpourri, especially when you are hosting a party for female guests, such as a bridal shower or a girls' night out. Purchase a large bag of potpourri from a home store. Fill smaller cellophane bags with a scoop of potpourri and tie the bags closed with a piece of ribbon.


Casino night parties are popular for adults, so make your goody bags fit with the theme of the party. Place chocolates that look like casino chips in your goody bags along with chocolate gold coins. Add a deck of cards, fuzzy dice and a few lottery tickets to complete the party favour bag.


Stationery makes a good gift for adults and you can easily use it to create a goody bag. Fill a cellophane bag with a small package of note cards and envelopes. Add an ink pen and a few stamps. You could also add other items as well, such as a note pad and magnets.

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