Hen-Party and Bridal-Shower Games

Updated March 23, 2017

Bridal showers are a time for family and friends to get together to celebrate with the bride and shower her with gifts. Bridal-shower games are a way to get the party started by getting everyone to interact with each other.

Hen parties include the bride and her female friends going out on the town to celebrate a hen evening of drinking and noisy partying. They often consist of games of consequences and dares.

Drinking Games

Choose a few words that are not to be mentioned during the hen party. Each time someone says one of those words, she must pay the consequences by taking a drink or doing a dare. Some word suggestions would be the word wedding, all names of mixed drinks, groom's name and each other's names.

Another hen-party drinking game is when each woman takes turns saying something she has never done. If any of the other women have done it, they must take a drink or do a dare.

Introduction Game

Pass a roll of toilet paper among the women and ask each one of them to tear off the amount of sheets that she thinks she will need. Next, have each lady stand up and introduce herself, along with saying one thing about herself for each piece of toilet paper she has in her hand.

Bridal Advice Game

Give everyone a pen and paper. Have each lady write down marriage advice including cooking, bedroom and communication advice. Have the bride read them out loud and choose her favourite advice for each category.

Wedding Night Game

This bridal-shower game is quite amusing and is all about the bride. Assign one person to write down the first things the bride says as she opens each of her gifts. After the bride is all done opening her presents, have this person stand up and read them as what she will say to her husband on their wedding night.

Bridal Gown Game

Divide the women into groups and choose one from each group to be the model. Give each group a roll of toilet paper and have them dress the chosen model in a wedding dress made of only toilet paper. Let the bride choose the best one.

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