Types of youth diapers

Updated November 21, 2016

Youth diapers differ from the more traditional diapers used for infant babies in a number of ways. Diapers for older children are designed to accommodate kids who move more. Below are some of the most popular types of youth diapers on the market today.


Pull-Ups are an extremely popular youth diaper, especially for children in the process of potty training. Pull-Ups are actually more of a diaper and underwear hybrid. They provide the leak protection of a diaper, but are designed to be pulled up and down like actual underwear. These are common for potty trainers because it transitions them to pulling down their underwear, using a toilet, and pulling their underwear back up, but still provides the protection of a diaper. Pulls-Ups are not generally as absorbent or thick as normal diapers as they are designed mostly for accidents, not constant daily protection.

Tabbed Youth Diapers

Tabbed youth diapers are the most similar to traditional baby diapers. They are designed to be changed by an adult or another person, unlike pull-ups. Tabbed diapers open up completely and connect at the sides with Velcro or a sticky substance. Tabbed youth diapers are ideal for youth children who have not yet begun the potty training process. These diapers are ideal for parents to change as opposed to pull-ups. They usually designed to be lightweight, flexible and have a secure fit to prevent leaks and accommodate children's tendencies to move about.

Overnight Diapers

Overnight diapers are designed to do exactly what it sounds like they do, provide overnight protection for children. Many children who are gradually mastering potty training, and even some older kids, only have potty issues during the middle of the night. Overnight diapers are not created for day use. They often don't provide the lighter flexibility of daytime diapers, and are often quite bulky, but are designed to keep children dry during the night. These diapers often have special absorbency technologies in them so there are no leaks on the bed. They also often have special fits that keep them from slipping off.

Reusable Diapers

Reusable diapers have become popular during the recent 'green' trend in America. Reusable diapers are an environmentally friendly options to traditional diapers. These diapers are generally made of cloth or even organic cloth, and are designed to be washed and used again. Some reusable diapers even come with a service that picks up the dirty diapers and replaces them with a new batch while the old diapers are being washed. They aren't as bulky as traditional diapers and won't show through children's clothing as much. They are also better for the environment and can be more durable, however parents should be prepared to do a lot of laundry.


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