How to Use Electric Blankets With an Adjustable Bed

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Electric blankets come in two basic styles. Some lie on top of the bed, much like a mattress pad, and others lie on top of you while you are in bed like a traditional blanket. Although some manufacturers suggest that you don't use electric blankets on adjustable beds, as long as the cord doesn't get damaged your electric blanket will work.

Adjust the bed to the flattest position possible.

Place the electric blanket on the bed. For mattress pad-style blankets, place the fitted sheet on top of it; you will also need a traditional blanket to help keep you warm. For a traditional electric blanket, place it on top of your sheets, and top it with another blanket or comforter.

Adjust the bed to your preferred position.

Inspect the electric blanket cords for crimping anywhere on the adjustable bed. Don't use the electric blanket if the cord is bent of frayed, as it may cause the blanket to malfunction.

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