How to Wash a Football Girdle

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The term "football girdle" may make mothers stifle a giggle when they first hear it, but soon reality hits when they are challenged with washing that "girdle." A football girdle looks like a pair of cycling shorts, with pockets for hip and tailbone pads added. Some football girdles also have pockets for the thigh pads, although thigh pads usually are inserted in pockets in the athlete's trousers. The purpose of the football girdle is to keep the pads in place under the player's trousers and minimise chafing. The care of a football girdle is not unlike a woman's girdle in that the elastic needs to be preserved while cleansing it of stains and odour.

Set your washing machine for a cold-water wash. Add a mild detergent -- a pH under 10 is recommended -- and the football girdle. You can remove the pads before washing, but most manufacturers and football coaches recommend leaving the pads in. Turn the washer on.

Remove the girdle immediately after washing. Hang the girdle upside down from the leg openings. Do not hang in direct sunlight.

Check girdle to ensure it is completely dry before storing.

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