How to Remove the Lining From an Arai Chaser Helmet

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Arai is an American company known for manufacturing high quality motorcycle helmets. After prolonged use, the padding inside the helmet can get dirty, smelly and discoloured. This is common and the Arai Chaser helmet is designed with removable padding that can be washed. The inside padding is attached to the body of the helmet with material much like that of hook and loop fasteners. It may seem quite stuck-on but can be removed with some pulling. Make sure to remember which pads go where.

Turn the helmet upside down and look inside it. Examine the different pieces of padding. The lining in the helmet is not made of one pad but several smaller pads.

Grip the edge of a pad closest to you. Pull the pad off like a band-aid, from one side to the other. The hook and loop fastener will be quite strong but it will come out.

Remove all the other pads in the same way. Once the pads are removed they can be washed in a washing machine under a normal cold cycle. The pads should be air dried and not put in a dryer as they may shrink.

Adhere the clean pads to the original locations in the helmet they were removed from.

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