How to get a new blanket to stop shedding

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Although shedding can happen with old and/or well-used blankets, it can also occur with new blankets if those blankets are made of poor-quality materials or if they are handled too much by sellers. This is especially true with linen and wool blankets.

To prevent shedding, washing and drying your blanket will help, but you'll have to use the appropriate water temperature and add one key ingredient.

Set your washing machine to the gentle cycle and cool water temperature.

Place your blanket in the washing machine and add 1/2 cup mild washing powder and 1/2 cup white vinegar to the detergent receptacle if you have a front-load washer. Start the machine. If you have a top-load washer, allow the water to fill the machine before you add the detergent and vinegar. Vinegar will reduce the amount of lint that releases from your blanket.

Remove the blanket and place it on a clothesline when the washing cycle ends. Hanging your blanket will allow the breeze to loosen lint and blow it away. You can use a clothes dryer to dry the blanket, but use the lowest heat setting, and clean the lint catch of your dryer before you start the machine.

Remove the blanket from the clothesline or dryer and inspect it for any signs of shedding. If you see shedding, repeat Steps 1 through 3.