How to put on fishnet stockings

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Fishnets create a striking impression and are a good choice for parties, clubbing, and whenever you want to add sexiness to an outfit. However, fishnet tights can also be subtle under a longer work skirt. Fishnets are available as tights, stockings with a suspender belt, and hold-ups. The type of holes in the hosiery varies and may be large, small, round, or shaped. You don’t need to go for traditional black – fishnets are available in range of colours. Be careful when putting on fishnets as they are easy to tear due to their holes.

Prepare your hands, feet and legs. File your nails to remove sharp edges and remove rings that can catch in the holes. Apply body lotion to your legs and feet. Lotion or cream helps the fishnets slide on more easily and prevents irritation while you are wearing them. Sit down comfortably.

Hold the fishnets at the waistband with your thumbs inside. Gather up one leg of the tights, rolling the leg so you are holding the toe. For stockings, hold one stocking and roll from the top to the toe.

Put one foot into the leg of the fishnet stocking. Make sure your toes are correctly positioned and your heel is in the right place. Watch out for toes poking through the holes in the stockings as this can cause them to rip.

Unroll the fishnet stocking gently so it comes to the middle of your thigh. Smooth the fishnets to your leg as you go to avoid wrinkles. Repeat the process with the other leg.

Attach the stockings to your suspender belt. If wearing tights, stand up and continue unrolling your fishnets so they are correctly positioned at the waist. Don’t pull the tights if they don’t reach your waist – roll them down and start again to avoid tearing.

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