Duvet Alternatives

bed. pillow and duvet.bed head. image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

Duvet covers are bed covers that are fit over a comforter like a very large pillowcase. Many people like duvet covers because of their versatility and cleaning ease. For those who prefer a bed covering besides a duvet, there are a variety of alternatives.

Some alternatives include coverlets, quilts, bedspreads and comforters.


Bedspreads are simple, classic bed coverings. Bedspreads are generally light- to medium- weight and cover the entire bed, spreading over the pillows and almost all the way to the floor. Since bedspreads almost reach the floor, they usually don't need an accompanying bed skirt for a finished look.


Coverlets are another bed covering option. Unlike bedspreads, coverlets do not go over the pillows or reach all the way to the floor. Since they don't reach to the floor, they are often used with a coordinating bed skirt. Coverlets are often used during warm months as a lightweight alternative to heavy comforters, duvets or bedspreads.


Similar to coverlets, quilts are made of two fabric layers stuffed with a soft substance like wool and stitched together in a decorative pattern. Quilts are made from a variety of fabrics and come in an assortment of patterns. Quilts are often hand-stitched.


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Comforters are usually the warmest bed covering. Comforters are thick and made of two layers of fabric filled with a warm material like down. Some are decorative, while others are plain and usually covered with an ornamental duvet cover.