Can You Use Scotch Guard on Uggs?

Image by, courtesy of Annie Mole

There are numerous styles of Ugg boots on the market. However, many are made of soft suede sheepskin and not water repellent. These boots must not be worn in any kind of rain or snow unless a water repellent is first applied to the boots.

There are many water repellents available but not all repellents are safe for suede leather. It is important to only use repellents formulated specifically for the material on which they will be used.


The manufacturer of Scotchguard does not recommend its use on suede leather so it should not be used on Uggs.

Ugg Repellent

The Ugg Co. recommends using a water- and oil-based spray, called Ugg Repellent Spray, to deal with snow, ice and water. This spray is specifically formulated for use on suede leather.

Extending the Life of Your Boots

Protecting Ugg boots with the recommended company repellent or any water- and oil-based product made specifically for suede leather can significantly extend the life of your boots.

Applying Repellent

Only use repellent spray on dry boots. Allow your boots to dry at least 10 minutes before handling or wearing.


Always reapply any repellent after cleansing your boots.