How to twist & wash a crinkle skirt

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Crinkle skirts are long, full bohemian-style skirts--sometimes called broomstick skirts--that are usually made of cotton and are supposed to look wrinkly. They must be washed and dried a certain way to keep their shape and texture.

You can keep your skirt in ideal condition by twisting it up and washing it and drying it inside a pair of cut-up pantyhose. Remove the skirt from the dryer before the skirt is completely dry, and let it line dry to keep that crinkly look.

Wash your skirt according to the directions on the label. If you do not see directions, try washing your skirt on a normal setting at a cool temperature, to preserve the skirt's colour and prevent it from shrinking.

Cut the toes off of a pair of old pantyhose.

Cut off the top of your pantyhose, so that you are left with two tubes. You'll only need to use one tube at a time, so save the other one for later use.

Twist your crinkle skirt and place it inside one of the pantyhose tubes. Make sure the hem is not turned up.

Secure the ends of the pantyhose tube with rubber bands to keep the skirt from falling out in the dryer.

Place the skirt inside of the dryer and put it through the drying cycle several times.

Take the pantyhose tube out of the dryer and pull out the skirt.

Hang the skirt on a clothes line and let it air dry. The skirt may take up to 24 hours to fully dry.