Paint Color to Go with Slate Flooring in a Kitchen

Written by tamiya king | 13/05/2017
Paint Color to Go with Slate Flooring in a Kitchen
Several attractive paint colours will complement a kitchen with slate flooring. (Michael Blann/Photodisc/Getty Images)

If you've decided to feature slate flooring in your kitchen, a number of paint colours are available that can add a sophisticated burst of colour to the area. Paint also can make the kitchen seem understated and demure while complementing the slate and featuring functional kitchen items.


If the kitchen is relatively small, a light paint colour will make the room look more open. For instance, a light slate grey on the floors looks great with light yellow walls, and the combination makes for a bright, welcoming kitchen area. A wider kitchen may benefit from walls that are a darker shade of grey than the floors; a brightly-coloured accent wall in red or blue is an impressive decorative accent.


The wall colour used for a kitchen with slate flooring can also showcase some of the kitchen's features. For instance, black walls will make the stainless steel appliances stand out. If you have a backsplash that is mosaic-style or multicoloured, walls in shades such as purple or green will make the kitchen look cool and relaxing.


While slate is a shade of grey, there are slate kitchen flooring options that include other colour tints as well. For example, red slate is a muted shade of red. You can create a monochromatic kitchen look by painting the walls a burnt orange hue. Green slate is often a sage green; walls in medium grey or a silver accent wall will make the kitchen especially attractive.

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