The Best Wall Colors to Match a Green Couch

Written by sianne statile | 13/05/2017
The Best Wall Colors to Match a Green Couch
Grays and whites coordinate well with green furniture. (funky green sofa in a modern living room image by Gina Smith from

Coordinating with a green couch can be difficult. Your paint choices depend upon what shade of green the couch contains. Taking into account whether the couch is a more yellow/green or more of a blue green is the first step in determining a colour that will coordinate well.

Determine the Shade

The Best Wall Colors to Match a Green Couch
Try out samples of the colours you are considering. (paint chart image by Christopher Hall from

Determine the shade of green on your couch. There are two main shades of green, one being a yellow-green and the other more of a blue-green. If you have more of a yellow green, the wall colours should be warm and cosy. Try beige, light browns or white for a crisp, clean look. If you have more of a blue-green couch, any colour that is cool and calming will work well. To achieve a distinct look, try using complementary blues, or even purples, as your wall colour.

Determine if there is a Pattern

The Best Wall Colors to Match a Green Couch
Find inspiration in nature, by comparing the green in your couch to a similar shade found in nature. Use that colour scheme to decorate your walls. (green moss image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from

If the couch has a pattern that is mostly green, choose a colour you would like to bring out in that pattern. For instance, if the pattern has leaves or vines and flowers, try choosing a colour from the background or from the flower. If there is a bold and moderate colour scheme in the pattern, try using the bold colour as an accent wall and the moderate colour for the rest of the room. Stay away from reusing the green; however, as this will make the room seem washed out.

Use Accents

The Best Wall Colors to Match a Green Couch
Find a curtain or pillow that has the colour of the couch within it, this will help you to expand on your paint choices. (decorative curtain image by araraadt from

A good way to coordinate with a bold colour, such as green, is to purchase accessories that match it well, such as curtains, pillows, throws, candles and lamps. Determine what colours are found in these accessories, besides the green. Use these colour ideas as a jumping off point to choose a colour for your walls. Before making your final decision, purchase some samples of colours you are considering and paint them on small areas of the wall. Take a couple of days to examine the paint and be sure to make note of how the paint looks at different times of the day.

Neutral Options

If none of these tactics are helping you to decide the best colour, there are a couple of neutral options that coordinate with almost any colour green. These options include: greys, beiges and of course, whites. However, keep in mind the saturation of the colour green. If your couch is a strong green, go with a muted, light beige colour, to tone it down a bit. If it is a light, cool green, then a darker grey, will work quite nicely.

Do not be afraid to try an accent wall. An accent wall encompasses one wall out of the whole room and is usually a bold colour. Some bold colours that may work, depending on the couch's shade of green, are amber, brown, royal purple or black.

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