Birthday gifts for Indian men

Updated July 19, 2017

Choosing the perfect birthday gift for an Indian man may not be particularly easy if you hail from a different culture or ethnic background yourself. In addition to finding the perfect gift, remember that Indian custom dictates the way that the giver must present it and even something as simple as the colour of the paper used for wrapping may cause offence. By being respectful of tradition, religion and culture, the kindness of your gift should be reciprocated with appreciation.

Bollywood gifts

Largely used as a generic term to describe the Indian film industry, the growth of “Bollywood” has crossed into western culture and the typical movie format consists of both dialogue and song. A Bollywood DVD would be greatly welcomed as a gift idea but there is also a wealth of merchandise to choose from including branded t-shirts, books, coffee mugs and even throw pillows. Favourite actors and actresses within the Bollywood scene change regularly simply by the sheer number of films released every year. Ask a friend or relative of the gift recipient for advice before purchasing a DVD as it might be outdated already.

Electronic goods

If you plan to dispatch your gift directly to India, consider giving electronic items or gadgets as the perfect present. Many popular electronic devices that we take for granted in western culture are either unavailable in India or they demand high prices outside of the usual earning capacity of most Indian men. Computer tablets, mobile telephones and laptops should almost certainly receive great enthusiasm and even simple ancillary products, such as blank CD disks, tend to go down well. Portable DVD players make the perfect choice to complement a Bollywood DVD.

Grooming products

Indian males are very committed to personal grooming but in their own country, luxury items tend to be highly expensive. Aftershaves and toiletries might not seem particularly attractive to many of us but Indian men love branded products that they usually only encounter in western advertising. Personal hair trimmers and electric shavers also enjoy popularity amongst Indian men who like to maintain a clean, tidy appearance.

Presents to avoid

Hindu Indian men must never receive leather so always ensure that wallets, belts and other related gifts are manufactured using synthetic materials. Avoid giving alcohol or pigskin to Muslim Indian men. If you decide to give money as a gift, always make it an odd number for good luck. Always wrap gifts in bright colours and avoid using black or white paper as these colours might be considered unlucky.

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