Fashion show gift bag ideas

Fashion show gift bags should be fun and indulgent, full of little luxury treats. Many companies use these to showcase products, so if you offer brands inclusion in your goody bag as promotion, you will often receive a choice of items. For the top fashion shows around the globe, gift bags might contain expensive trinkets and cutting edge technology, but even a lower budget show can create a gorgeous gift that generates excitement and promotion. A great gift bag leaves guests feeling pampered and likely to come to future events.


Food and drink treats are the perfect inclusion for fashion goody bags. They make guests feel indulged and keep energy levels up. For college/university fashion shows, or low budget events, fun sized chocolates, lollipops or mini snacks are ideal. If you are creating an elegant bag, for a higher budget show, consider single boxed truffles, fashionable raw food snacks, or mini bottles of bubbly.


Glossy beauty products and the fashion industry go hand in hand. Many beauty brands are eager to get involved in fashion events, as this is well targeted marketing. So they are often willing to supply luxury sample sizes for gift bags.
These are usually packaged beautifully, and may contain extras, such as face cloths or instructions for beauty rituals. Look out anything indulgent, such as scented creams, anti-ageing skincare or candles. If you need to purchase beauty items for gift bags, choose small but pampering products that people use frequently. This ensures they remember your show on a daily basis. Consider lip balm, hand cream and nail polish.


Fashion show sponsors, or brands willing to contribute to the event, are often a source of free treats. These can include anything from well-made key fobs to pens, or a free product. So it is always worth explaining that you will put together a gift bag in case you get some additional items. Adding bounce-back cards for brands who contribute an item is extra marketing for them, but can also offer value to guests. These usually offer discounts or freebies when taken in to a store, and help to give an experience that lasts a little longer.


The design of your fashion show goody bag is important. It should advertise the event but also feel like an exciting gift, while reflecting that fashion shows are all about style. Of all large events, a fashion show gift bag should look the most visually fabulous. Printed designs on cotton canvas bags are an ideal way to promote your show long after the event, as people may use these everyday. Or you could opt for a classic card bag, with the luxe feel of quality paper, gloss and ribbon handles. If there is an overall theme to the fashion show, consider how the bag could reflect this in print or the use of materials.

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