What colours of paint go with a brown leather couch?

Leather, and particularly brown leather, can create a very traditional feel in the home – think of the aged luxury of antique leather chairs and settees. But this isn’t the only way we can use brown leather to determine a room’s character. It is much more versatile than this and has a million different applications in contemporary styles as well. Given this versatility, many options are open to you when it comes to choosing matching paint.

Go traditional

Light earthy tones like tan, beige and grey can create an understated but elegant choice for your brown leather sofa in your living room. If your living room is smaller, you may want to stay at the lighter end of the scale like this. If these colours don’t excite you much, go for lighter earthy greens, blues or lavenders.

Go deep

If you want to create a cosy, warm living room – and if the room is a bit larger – you can use deeper, darker colours. Stay earthy, with deep reds, like terracotta, or browns – just try not to get the same shade brown as your sofa. The deeper colours are not so good if you have beams – which add depth on their own.

Go nuts

You could offset the traditional, consistent brown leather sofa with lighter, brighter paint like orange or yellow. Alternatively, you could add a bit of spice, by keeping a more neutral colour and putting up a fresco with brighter colours in it.

Make sure

Like all classics, the brown leather sofa goes with almost anything, but the key is getting something you like. Before you take the plunge, get tester kits of your shortlisted colours and paint areas of the walls in your living room (making sure to cover your beloved brown leather sofa beforehand). It will look untidy for a few days, but better that than making the wrong choice and having to start all over again. Stand back and compare the different colours and look at how they fit in and show off your sofa.

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