How to Make 360 Waves Visible at Longer Lengths

Updated April 17, 2017

Although typically done in conjunction with a Caesar haircut on African American men, the 360 wave hairstyle can be achieved on all types of hair textures and lengths with training. The waves can be made more noticeable at longer hair lengths when the natural hair is trained to follow the contours of the scalp rather than grow away from the scalp at longer lengths. The results are waves that form around the perimeter of the head, going all the way around in a 360-degree angle. Consistent maintenance is needed to keep the style for long periods of time.

Apply a generous amount of hair pomade to the hair. The hair pomade may have a white appearance when first applied. Don't worry about putting on too much.

Wet a hair towel with hot water and wring the towel of excess water so it is damp and not soaking wet. Wrap it around the head. The hot towel will make the pomade melt into the hair.

Brush your hair in the direction it grows, beginning at the crown. A hard bristle brush should be used to get hair to lie down. Brush hair evenly in all directions.

Tie the hair down using a du-rag or wave cap. Do this at bedtime to give waves the longest time to set.

Repeat the process once every 1 to 2 days as hair begins to grow longer. Sleep daily in the du-rag to keep waves in place.

Visit a barber to have hair at the nape of the neck trimmed to ensure waves in longer hair stands out better. To make 360 waves more visible, hair clips can be used to set hair into place depending on how long the hair is.

Brush hair evenly and all around throughout the day to make sure hair continues to lie down as it gets longer. Properly trained hair will allow 360 waves to be visible at longer lengths.


Men with really thick coarse hair can try using a texturising kit to soften the hair prior to doing the longer 360 wave style. Always sleep with a wave cap or du-rag otherwise your wave pattern will be disrupted. The more the hair is brushed, the better trained it becomes and the 360 waves will be visible no matter how long the hair is.


Avoid using combs as they will cause the hair to separate and stick out from the scalp. Don't brush the hair after removing the du-rag or wave cap. Avoid washing the hair for 1 to 2 weeks while initially setting the 360 wave pattern into the hair. Hair should be lined only, not cut, to help keep the longer style; no clippers should be used.

Things You'll Need

  • Hard bristle hair brush
  • Hair pomade
  • Hair towel
  • Wave cap or du-rag
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