How to Remove Blonde Hair Color

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Removing blond hair colour is tricky to do. There are hair-colour removers on the market that can take out the blond but they won't return your hair to its natural colour.

The only way to return to your natural hair colour is to replace the lost pigment from the blond dye, but that can only be achieved with colouring your hair again after you remove the blond. Hair-dye removers are harsh and can severely damage hair and scalp if not used properly.

Call a beauty salon in your area to see if they have any recommendations about which hair colour removal product to use. The hair-dye strippers that a salon uses are not the same as the ones available to the public. However, a professional will usually help with opinions of products for home use.

Deep condition your at least 24 hours before you use a colour remover.

Purchase a colour-removal kit at your local beauty supply store. Avoid removers with bleach and ammonia.

Snip of a small test area of hair for a strand test. This is a very important step because this will determine how all your hair will look after doing the removal.

Divide your hair into four sections. Part your hair in the middle, then divide each side into two sections. Secure hair with plastic hair clips.

Mix the hair-colour remover as directed by the manufacturer's instructions. Use latex gloves to protect your hands.

Apply the solution about 1/4 inch from your scalp in each section, covering your hair completely. Remove the hair clips as you go.

Pile hair on the top of your head and cover with a plastic cap. The length of time to leave the product on your hair may vary, but most colour removers are left on for 20 minutes. Follow the instructions for timing that came with your product.

Rinse or shampoo the solution from your hair.

Check the colour of your hair to decide it you want to colour it further.