How to promote beard growth

Updated April 17, 2017

Many men want to be able to grow a thick, full beard or at least have enough hair to work with so that they can create a styled, manicured beard that suits their personality. The hormone testosterone is responsible for how and when facial hair grows in. When a man's testosterone levels rise during and after puberty, they are able to grow facial hair, including beards. Genetics also play a role in facial hair growth and coverage.

Take 2.5 mg of biotin daily. While studies haven't been 100% conclusive, some claim that this supplement is good for hair growth. There are no side effects and biotin can be part of a healthy, daily supplement intake.

Resist the urge to shave or trim your beard until it's fully grown in. It's a common misconception that shaving will make your hair grow thicker, but in reality, stubble only feels thicker than your regular hair. By waiting for a full beard to fill in, you'll allow any patchy spots to fill in with hair. Facial hair doesn't grow uniformly, and it's possible that you'll always have a couple of bald spots. If this is the case, shape your beard around those trouble spots.

Ease the stress in your life with natural cures like exercise, yoga and meditation. High stress levels can wreak havoc on your facial hair, including making it weak, brittle and slow to grow in. According to the Mayo Clinic, the conditions alopecia areata and telogen effluvium, both of which negatively affect hair growth, may arise in an individual suffering from high stress levels.

Sleep for seven to nine hours every night. The body restores itself during the sleep cycle, including rejuvenating the body to help hair grow strong.


Growing a beard can take up to six weeks. In the meantime, you'll experience a period of time when your beard is itchy. Also, until it's fully grown in, it won't look as neat and trimmed as you'll eventually have it. It's a good idea to grow in your beard when you have a vacation coming up so that you don't look unkempt during your everyday life. While growing in, your beard may become irritated, possibly giving you a rash. Wash your beard with dandruff shampoo a couple of times per week and apply 1% hydrocortisone daily.


Don't apply the hair-growing drug Minoxidil to your face. While it will work on your scalp, facial hair growth hasn't been tested yet. It could irritate your skin or have more serious side effects, like a severe drop in blood pressure.

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