How to Make a Dolphin Mask

Updated April 17, 2017

A dolphin mask can be an interactive project for kids or a budget-conscious way of making a costume. The mask consists of two parts: making dolphin eyes and making the dolphin's mouth, known as a rostrum. Some species of dolphins have rostrums that extend several inches out. If you want to make a general dolphin mask, making a rostrum more than two inches will be suitable. However, if you are hoping to emulate a specific species, research the general length of its rostrum.

Trace the outline of your eyes on a sheet of paper. Hold the paper vertically and place it directly on your face. Carefully trace around your eyes, past your eyebrows and to your cheeks. If you want, ask a friend to help you outline the eyes. Cut out two circles for the eyes. Ensure the eye slots are round and no bigger than a quarter.

Paint the outline grey. When the mask dries, cut it out.

Cut a hole in each side of the eye outline. Lace string through the holes to wrap the mask around your head. You are finished with the dolphin eyes part of the mask.

Cut the empty paper towel cardboard holder in half to make the rostrum. After cutting the holder in half, slice one of the halves down the middle lengthwise but leave a half inch uncut on the end. Throw the other half out. You have cut out the rostrum.

Paint the top half of the rostrum grey. Paint the bottom half khaki. Wait for the paint to dry.

Cut a hole on each side of the rostrum. Lace string through the holes to wrap the mask around your head.

Use a sheet of white paper to cut out small triangle-shaped teeth. Glue the teeth to the rostrum.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 white sheets of paper
  • Empty paper towel cardboard holder
  • Gray paint
  • Khaki paint
  • String
  • Scissors
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