How to Make Spiky Hair in Photoshop

Updated March 23, 2017

Spiky hair is often associated with rock stars and punk hairstyle trends. Experimenting with hairdos can be a drag, especially if you're interested in an eccentric hairdo but are unsure of how the new hairstyle would look on you. With Photoshop, you can render hair into spikes to get an idea of how a spiky style would look on you. You can create tiny spikes or very high spikes to make a hairstyle more of a punk style.

Launch Adobe Photoshop. Scroll to the top of the page and select "File." Click "Open" to select a picture of a person whose hair is not spiked.

Click "L," or select the third button on your "Tools" palette, to select the "Lasso Tool" on the left side of your screen. Use your "Lasso Tool" to outline the entire head and hair of the subject in the photo.

Scroll to the "Filter" menu and select "Liquify." The "Liquify" window will appear with the section that was outlined. Choose the "Forward Warp" tab at the top of the tool bar on the left side of your screen to pull the hair up to create spikes. Select the "Twirl" tool to soften spike edges.

Click "OK" when you are done. Save the image.

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