How to decorate with red & teal

Updated December 12, 2017

Red and teal don't typically go together, but when used correctly, they can add a pop of colour to your room to enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. While both are strong, bright colours, red is a warm colour whereas teal is cool, so you can make them complement each other. Pair them with colours like white and beige so the colours aren't overwhelmingly bright.

Add red and teal as accent colours in an otherwise neutral colour scheme. Consider adding red or teal in items like pictures frames, flowers, pillows, throw blankets and rugs. Don't overdo it, though. For example, have a white couch with some red and teal throw pillows or blanket. Or, alternate red and teal picture frames on a table of pictures.

Decorate using flowers. This is a fresh way to brighten up any room. If you don't want to keep spending money on fresh flowers, buy realistic-looking silk flowers instead. A white vase with a few red flowers on a coffee table is a stunning accent. Place some books on the table that are covered in a shade of teal so you incorporate both colours.

Paint a single focal wall either teal or red. Since these are both very bright colours, painting the whole room may be too much. Using the other colour and white, add decorative accents to the wall. For example, paint the wall red and hang some pictures or various-sized mirrors with teal and white frames. The wall catches the eye and the frames hold people's attention.

Choose furniture in the same colour as the focal wall and accent it with other parts of the room. A dark red couch fits well in a room of muted colours and teal curtains over the windows. Finding furniture that is the right shade of these colours can be difficult, so make sure you have a game plan before going shopping. You may need to go to more artistic and modern furniture stores if you are looking for furniture in teal and red, as they are not common colours.

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