How to make a casket wreath

Updated February 21, 2017

A casket wreath is a fresh or silk flower-laden funeral piece. The casket wreath can be placed on the centre or closed end of the casket. An easel will be provided by the funeral home for a casket spray if it is to be set behind or at the head of the casket. The casket spray is traditionally given by a close family member in memory of the deceased. You can make a casket spray by using a ring or open heart form found in the floral section of a craft store.

Soak the wreath form in a bucket of water until it is fully saturated. The foam will darken and swell slightly as it fills with water.

Set the casket wreath form onto a flat work surface. You can place a layer of plastic under the wreath if the surface needs protection from water.

Cut pieces of greenery at a length of 4 inches to 5 inches with a sharp knife. Insert the twigs of greenery around the outer edge at the bottom of the wreath form.

Cut the stems of six large flowers on a slant with a sharp knife. You can use all the same type of fresh flower or a combination of blossoms. Flowers, including lilies, carnations, peonies, hydrangea and roses, have sturdy stems that work well in a wreath form.

Insert the stems of the flowers down into the top and sides of the foam around the circumference of the form. Cut another five blossoms and insert them into the open spaces on the wreath. Tilt the wreath up to give yourself a good view of the overall appearance of the shape and flower coverage.

Cut the stems of smaller flowers, including daisies, chrysanthemum poms and miniature carnations, on a slant with a sharp knife. Push the stems into the foam between the larger flowers to fill in the casket wreath form. Use sprigs of greenery to help fill in the form. Make sure all the foam is covered.

Open the glitter paint container and gently squirt some of the paint onto a piece of scrap paper to get used to the flow of the medium. Cut a piece of 2-inch to 3-inch wide ribbon at 20 inches long.

Measure 10 inches from the end of the ribbon and hand write or print the words "In Memory" with the paint. Write the family title of a relative on the ribbon, such as Mother, Aunt, Grandfather, Brother or Father. Allow the paint to dry for at least an hour to prevent smudging of the words.

Wrap the wire of the floral stick around the end of the ribbon with the hand-painted wording on it. The wire should be tightly wrapped around the ribbon at least 6 inches from the start of the word.

Insert a ribbon bow wired to a floral stick into the top, side or bottom of the wreath. Insert the stick from the memorial ribbon into the foam and drape the wording across the centre of the wreath or allow it to be draped over the side of the casket with the words in full view.


A photograph of the deceased can be secured to the back of a casket wreath allowing it to be viewed through the opening in the floral piece.

Things You'll Need

  • Wreath wet form with floral foam
  • Greenery
  • Sharp knife
  • Fresh flowers
  • Ribbon and bow
  • Glitter paint
  • Wired floral stick
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