How to open a hyperlink in powerpoint

Updated April 17, 2017

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint work the same way that they work on websites. A link can point to another slide in the presentation, an e-mail address, a file or an external website. If you've created a link to a website in your presentation, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before you try to open it. Make hyperlinks with the Hyperlink button when you create the presentation.

Open a PowerPoint presentation with hyperlinks in it.

Start your slideshow if you're giving a presentation, or scroll directly to the slide with the hyperlink you want to open.

Click on the hyperlink. You'll be taken to the slide, file or website indicated by the link.


Troubleshoot a known issue. In PowerPoint 2007, if you save the presentation as "PowerPoint 97-2003," some links may not work. Hyperlinks are supported in all versions of PowerPoint, but Microsoft reports occasional hyperlink issues when you save the 97-2003 file format in 2007. If you use version 2007, check your links before you present and save as "PowerPoint 2007" if necessary. Hyperlinks can also point to other PowerPoint presentations. Use the "Bookmark" button to create hyperlinks to specific slides in other presentations. To open these subpresentations, click on the hyperlink.


If you transfer your presentation from one computer to another, make sure to transfer all the files associated with your presentation. If you created a hyperlink to another PowerPoint file or a document, that file has to be copied to the same folder for the hyperlink to work.

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