Disadvantages & advantages of a powerpoint presentation

projector ready for presentation image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.com

The PowerPoint software offered by Microsoft allows users to create an electronic presentation of slides. With PowerPoint, users can use, text, photos, illustrations, drawings, tables, graphs and movies to effectively walk an audience through a presentation.

PowerPoint is used for both educational and business purposes because it allows for easy and creative presentations. However, as with any form of presentation, using a PowerPoint presentation has both advantages and disadvantages.


When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, the advantages include flexibility, creativity and ease. PowerPoint offers a variety of premade templates and layouts for users. These templates lay the foundation for the overall look of the presentation, such as how the titles, text and graphics will be displayed on each slide. However, users are able to use a blank template if they wish to create their own layout. While preparing a presentation, it is easy to modify the slides when necessary. Users can edit the information on finished slides, delete unnecessary slides, add forgotten slides and rearrange the order of the slides in the presentation.

The disadvantages that might be encountered when preparing a PowerPoint presentation include the lack of necessary skills needed. Although most people do not find the PowerPoint program difficult to use, it still requires a certain set of skills to effectively create a successful presentation. Individuals with little or no computer experience may find it difficult to use.


During the presentation, PowerPoint has a variety of advantages for both the presenter and the listeners. To progress through a slide show, the presenter only needs to click a button; this allows the presenter to maintain eye contact with his audience and use his hands for emphasis. A PowerPoint presentation often features a pleasing appearance and interesting graphics, which keeps the audience interested. Additionally, the PowerPoint presentation can be projected onto a large screen for use in a large auditorium or lecture hall.

The disadvantage associated with PowerPoint presentations is the system requirements involved. A computer, projector, screen and electricity will all be required. It also will be necessary to dim the lights in the room to allow for proper viewing. The other disadvantage is the risk of technical difficulties. The success of the presentation depends entirely on the proper functioning of technology.


After the presentation, the PowerPoint slides can be distributed easily to the necessary people for future references. Unlike paperwork, a PowerPoint presentation can be stored easily on the computer and cannot be easily lost or misplaced.

The disadvantage is that the electronic file may be lost as a result of a computer virus or accidental deletion.