The .xps file type is a Microsoft Office document. If you have multiple .xps documents, you may find it more efficient to combine and merge all of these documents into one. Authors and writers, for instance, may have each chapter of a book or piece of writing saved as an individual document. Upon completing a book or collection of written pieces, an author may wish to combine all of the separate components of the work into a single document to send to a publisher.

Create a new, blank Word document and create its settings so that they are similar to those of the documents that are going to be merged.

Click "Insert" in the Microsoft Office logo menu bar.

Click the down arrow located on the right side of the "Object" option.

Click "Text from File."

Select all of the Microsoft documents you wish to merge in the "Insert File" dialogue box. Hold down the "Ctrl" key while you select your documents if you are selecting more than one.

Click "Insert."

Save the file. All of the selected documents are now merged into a single document.