How to copy and email one slide from powerpoint

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Creating a PowerPoint presentation can be a challenging, time-consuming, yet rewarding project. If you've ever created a large PowerPoint file and had to make changes to a single slide, you know how cumbersome it can be to mail the entire PPT file for approval. But you don't have to. A single slide can be copied from the larger presentation and sent by itself for quicker and error-free e-mail delivery.

Open the PowerPoint presentation from which you want to copy a single slide.

Select the slide in Normal or Slide Sorter view.

Click the "Home" tab. Click the "Copy" button.

Open a new PowerPoint presentation.

Click the "Home" tab once again. Click "Paste." The single slide you want to send will be one of two slides in the new presentation.

Click "View," "Slide Sorter." Drag the slide you want to e-mail to the first position in the pane.

Select the blank slide, then right-click on it. Choose "Delete Slide," or press "Del." Only the slide you want to e-mail remains in the deck.

Click "View," "Normal," then click the "File" tab. Click "Share." Scroll to "Send Using Email." Choose whether to send your slide as an attachment or a link.

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