How to Create an Appendix in Powerpoint

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A PowerPoint appendix is a separate page, or pages, at the end of a presentation which contains supporting information that won't fit neatly on a slide, such as tables and graphs. Adding hyperlinks to the appendix helps you navigate to and from the appendix to the relevant place in the slide.

Insert a title and content slide at the end of the presentation. Click the "Home" tab, then click "New Slide" and then click "Title and Content."

Click the "Click to add title" text box at the top of the slide, then type "Appendix."

Click on "Click to add text" and enter the information for the appendix.

Highlight the appendix data you just entered by left-clicking the top left of the data, then drag the cursor to the bottom right.

Click "Insert," then click "Hyperlink."

Click the "Place in This Document" button on the left-hand side.

Click the slide you want to link to the Appendix. For example, if you have a series of tables related to the material in slide 2, click "Slide 2."

Click "OK" to insert the hyperlink into the appendix.

Navigate to the slide to which you just hyperlinked. To navigate to the relevant slide, click on it in the left-hand column in edit mode.

Add a hyperlink to the appendix from that slide. Highlight the information on the slide, click "Insert," then click "Hyperlink." Click "Place in this slide," then click "Appendix." This inserts a link back to the appendix so you can switch between the appendix and the relevant slide.

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