How to create an index in powerpoint

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An index in a book helps you to quickly locate the page you're looking for with the information you want. You can do something very similar in PowerPoint so that you can jump to any slide in the presentation with a click.

PowerPoint allows you to use hyperlinks so that text in the presentation can be clicked like a link on a webpage. Hyperlinks in PowerPoint can point to other slides in that presentation, slides in other presentations, e-mail addresses, files on the computer or websites.

Open the PowerPoint presentation for which you want to create an index. Press "Ctrl+M" on the keyboard to create a new, blank slide. Click in the title box and type: "Index."

Click in the text box and type the title of the first slide in your presentation. Press "Enter" and then type the title of the next slide in your presentation. Continue until you have all of the slide titles in a list.

Click and drag to select the first slide title. Click the "Insert" tab then click "Hyperlink." Click the "Place in this Document" button on the left side of the dialogue box and then select "Slide 1" from the list --- if you typed a title for the slide it will be listed by the title, otherwise it will be listed by the number of the slide. Click "OK."

Repeat the process for each slide title.