How to make pictures unsaveable on web pages

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If you have copyrighted images on your website, you may want to protect them from being copied and used without your permission. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly make pictures on your website unsaveable. A person who is highly dedicated to saving your images will find ways around any protection you can use. However, there are a number of steps you can take to dissuade the vast majority of people from saving your images.

Open the HTML file of your webpage in a word processing program.

Add the following code within the section of the file:

Save the file and upload it to your Web host. All right-click functions on that page are now disabled.

Open your pictures in an image editing program.

Add text across the picture. It can be anything from "Don't Save Me" to something more formal such as "© 2010 Bob Smith."

Reduce the opacity of the text until it is visible, but does not distract the viewer from actually looking at the picture. People will still be able to save this image, but they will not be able to call it their own.

Open the images in a Flash slideshow program such as Vertical Moon's SWF 'n Slide or Wondershare's Flash Gallery Factory.

Set up the images in the order you want them displayed.

Set the timing for the slideshow.

Save the slideshow and insert it into your website with the following code:

Adjust the file name and size to fit your needs. Unless a user has access to a flash program, he will not be able to save the images.

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