How do I copy pictures from Facebook?


Facebook is a social networking and microblogging site that allows friends and family members to remain in constant contact through regular status updates. However, what many Facebook users do not realise is that the site also can be used for photo sharing.

Keep in mind that Facebook's purpose is not to share photo, but, as with any site, if you can view an image in your Web browser, you can save or copy it to your computer.

Saving a photo from Facebook

Saving a photo from Facebook is a more direct way of copying a photo, and it is the strategy typically used. When you see a friend's photo that you would like to save, click on it to ensure it is in its largest form. Facebook usually shows a smaller version of the photo, or a thumbnail, so if you want the larger version, you will need to click on it to enlarge it.

To save it, right-click the photo and select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" from the context menu. Choose a location for the picture to save on your hard drive and give the photo a name. Click "Save" to conclude the process.

Copying a photo from Facebook

Copying a Facebook photo is practically the same as saving it. The main difference is that copying it allows you to directly paste it into another document or onto your computer's hard drive without renaming it during the save process.

Right-click the photo you wish to copy and select "Copy Image" or "Copy" from the context menu. Go to a Microsoft Word document or a blank document created in image editing software and right-click on a blank area of the document. Choose "Paste" from the context menu. The copied photo will paste into the document as an image, at which point, you will need to save the document to save the photo.

Third-party software with Facebook integration

Another strategy for copying and downloading Facebook photos is to install a third-party software application, such as Fotobounce. If you choose to install this free third-party program, download it from the original site (see Resources), as you will be required to use your Facebook account information. After it is installed, Fotobounce provides instant access to your friend's photo albums. Follow the in-program steps to save, copy or download any photo to your computer.