How to Align Text in an Access Query

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A Microsoft Access query is the result of a detailed filtering of data in an Access database. The query lists a cross section of information from data tables in your document. To align the text in your Access query results move the information to a standard data table first, which offers you more formatting options.

Click the option to create a new table on your Access toolbar. Double-click the "Add New Field" title and type in the same name as the field containing the query text that you want to align. For instance, if the field name is "Field1" in the Access query, type that exact name as the title of the column in your new table.

Locate the query name in the left-hand panel of Access. If you don't see the query listed by default, click "All Access Objects" at the top of the left-hand panel and check "Queries" from the drop down list.

Click and drag the name of the query over to the new table that you have open. Place the small icon in the exact field where you want the query text to appear. Press "OK" when prompted by Access to append the information.

Select the entire column or row containing the text that you want to align. To select a row or column just click either the field name at the top of the column or the side tab next to each row.

Press the left, centre, or right align button on the Access toolbar to align your query text. Click the "X" in the corner of the open data table and press "Yes" to save the new table.