How to Make a Mustache

Updated July 20, 2017

Sometimes a fake moustache can add that needed edge to a theatrical or Halloween costume, but creating one from scratch over and over again can prove to be a tedious endeavour. Luckily, modern make-up tools allow the wearer to put a moustache together just once, and use it over and over again in the future.

Cut short sections from a synthetic hair piece that matches your natural hair colour. Try to make them around the same length.

Clean and dry the part of the upper lip where you would like the moustache to sit.

Apply an even coat of spirit gum to a small area above the upper lip. Tap the area with your finger until it becomes sticky.

Begin pressing the cut prosthetic hair pieces to the sticky area using a make-up brush. Try to press only one end of the cut hairs so that the other end flairs out, much like a real moustache would. Apply enough hair that it covers the skin underneath.

Repeat steps three and four until the entire upper lip area is covered.

Pull the free ends of the hairs slightly with a make-up brush so that they detach from your skin and other hairs. You may wish to apply more spirit gum to balder areas.

Slowly peel the entire moustache off of your face, once the hair is the right consistency and the spirit gum is dry. Once off, you may apply another coat of spirit gum to the back of the moustache for a stronger foundation.


To reapply your moustache in the future, apply spirit gum to the upper lip, pat a few times to make sticky, and simply place the moustache over the lip.

Things You'll Need

  • Spirit gum
  • Synthetic hair
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