How to Draw a Samoyed

By Rachel Asher.

Samoyeds are snow dogs that are native to Siberia. Their white, fluffy coats and curled tails are distinguishing features in any drawing of a Samoyed. By using an image of a Samoyed as a guide and observing its basic shape and the nuances of shading a white dog, a drawing of a Samoyed is sure to be successful.

Draw the basic shapes that make up the Samoyed's body.

Study the image of the Samoyed and draw the basic circular and oval shapes that make up its body. Don't be afraid to overlap the shapes--this is merely the preliminary sketch.

Sketch the Samoyed's facial shapes.

Study the shape of the Samoyed's face. Sketch the shapes that make up the Samoyed's snout, eyes and brow bone, forehead and ears.

Draw the Samoyed's head.

Draw the details of the Samoyed's head. Shade the right side of the snout and around the tops and outer sides of the ears to illustrate depth. Because a Samoyed is white, shading is very important to indicate any contours.

Shade in the dark points on the Samoyed's body.

Study the dark and light points in the image of the Samoyed. Indicate the darkest points underneath the Samoyed's fur with your pencil, and distinguish any major features, like the Samoyed's tail.

Draw the fur on the Samoyed.

Using fast, light lines, draw the fur on the Samoyed. The outline of the Samoyed's body should appear soft and not distinguished.

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