How to Adjust the Seat on a Maclaren Stroller

Updated April 17, 2017

Maclaren is a British company specialising in high-end baby gear for more than 40 years. Maclaren's slogan, "What a mother wants. What a baby needs," attests to its desire to create quality products that are easy to use. All models of the Maclaren stroller, whether single, sport or twin, have a reclining seat. You can adjust the seat with your child in the stroller, making it excellent for when your child falls asleep. The ease at which you can operate the system makes the Maclaren an excellent stroller choice.

Grasp the seat recline lever attached to the long metal bar located directly behind the seat of your Maclaren stroller.

Pull up on the level while pushing back on the seat with your other hand. Release the level at the desired seating position. You will hear the seat click into place when this is done correctly.

Push the seat up and forward to the original position if you went too far. You will not need to pull up on the recline level to move the seat forward. Readjust the seat as necessary.

Grab the hand grips located on the sides of the seat for certain Maclaren stroller models, such as the Quest or Twin Techno.

Slide the seat back until it reaches the desired point, then push the hand grips into place. You should hear a click when the grips are locked.

Repeat Step 3 if you need to readjust the seat on these Maclaren strollers.


Do not push your child in the stroller until the seat is locked into place to prevent injury. Adjust the seat carefully when your child is sitting in the seat to prevent pinching his fingers or legs.

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