How to Remove the Airbox From a Honda Dominator

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The Dominator was a part of Honda's NX series of motorcycles. A modern range of rugged "adventure" machines, the bikes use innovative geometry to allow a 650cc machine to bound over rugged terrain, yet also comfortably maintain highway speeds. As a result of repositioning the components to move them up out of harm's way, some of the serviceable parts are in some peculiar locations. The oil filter, for instance, between the handlebars and the seat, instead of a low mounting on the base of the engine, where it could be struck by a rock or root.

Remove the seat by releasing the catches underneath. Remove the plastic studs holding on the plastic fairings on either side of the seat. You should be able to pop them out with your fingers, if not, use the pliers. Put them in a safe place. Lift off the fairings from both sides of the bike and set them to one side.

Locate the airbox. The airbox cover is visible through the left-hand side of the frame, the right side of the frame contains the battery. Remove the four Phillips screws in the corners of the airbox cover. Release the wire hooks and remove the air filter. Disconnect the hoses from the lower edge of the airbox and the main duct leading to the engine.

Disconnect and remove the battery; this will create extra space in the frame to allow you to rotate the airbox. Depending on the year of production, there will be one or two bolts on the top surface of the airbox, securing it to the frame. Undo and remove the bolts. It should now be possible to rotate the airbox, and remove it through the space at either side of the frame.

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