How to Remove a Front Bumper From a Fiat Punto

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The luxurious and affordable Fiat Punto provides a compact body with an elegant and sleek Italian design. Europe's fifth best-selling car, the redesigned 2010 Punto packs a more durable body and a sharper look than previous models, including a new front bumper with encased fog lights.

It is less expensive and quicker to remove the front bumper and replace it with a new one rather than repair it when it is damaged, and it is also mandatory for the front bumper to be removed when changing the intercooler.

Lift the front end of the Punto using a jack and axle stands, bringing the front wheels off the ground.

Remove the two T25 screws located on the inside of both sides of the front bumper, using a T25 Torx screwdriver.

Remove the Phillips-head screws located at the edge of the arch liners and remove the two nuts located in front of both front wheels using a ratchet wrench. Pull and remove the arch liners (two thin plastic pieces located above the front wheels) away from the front bumper.

Remove the T25 screws located behind the headlights. Remove the two Phillips-head screws located underneath both sides of the corners of the front bumper.

Remove and unscrew all four T25 screws located underneath the bottom edge of the front bumper.

Open the bonnet of the Punto and remove the four T25 screws located at the top edge of the front bumper.

Gently pull and remove the front bumper of the Punto.