How to Remove the Front Bumper on a Renault Scenic

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The front bumper of your car is the first line of safety for driver and passengers alike in the vehicle. A loose or damaged bumper may not have an overall effect on car performance, but it can lower the effectiveness of the protection the bumper offers in a collision.

Before you can replace a problem bumper though, you'll have to remove it. Renault makes this removal process simple, requiring a few tools found in most basic automotive maintenance and repair tool sets. In addition, the process is a quick one, saving both time and money over hiring a mechanic to perform the work for you.

Open the bonnet of the Renault Scenic. Place the support bar into the opening in the bottom of the hood to prevent it from closing during bumper removal.

Look for the line of six plastic rivet screws along the top of the bumper securing the bumper to the frame of the car. Remove the screws from the bumper. Remove the hex screw from the hole in the centre of the line of rivets.

Remove the 10mm bolts on the sides of the bumper just beneath the bottom of the car with a ratchet wrench and 10mm socket. Use the socket to remove the final 10mm bolt in a hole in the centre of the bumper. Switch to a 7mm socket and remove the two bolts securing the bumper located under the wheel arches.

Pull the bumper from the car frame, working it away from the rear forward. Use a screwdriver to press down the two tongue pieces under the headlights helping to hold the front of the bumper in place.