Bugaboo Frog Assembly Instructions

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The Bugaboo was the original stroller released by the premium stroller brand Bugaboo. It introduced a unique modular system to the stroller market, with a seat that can convert from a bassinet into a harnessed toddler seat. The stroller is built for rugged terrain and claims to be manoeuvrable in such difficult conditions as sand and snow. The Bugaboo Frog was discontinued at the end of 2010.

Place the stroller on the floor, handle-side up.

Slide the swivel lock up on each of the two small swivel wheels.

Push the swivel wheels into the wheel sockets on the front of the stroller. Listen for a click to indicate that they are locked into place. Make sure you put them into the portion of the socket that is facing up when the stroller is in the folded position.

Push the large back wheels into the sockets on the back of the stroller until you hear a click.

Pull the two release knobs on the handle and lift.

Release the knobs and pull the handle into a vertical position until it clicks into place.

Push the crossbar between the swivel hubs away from you with your foot while raising the handlebar up and towards you.

Place the stroller with all four wheels on the ground and pull the locking switch on the swivel hub down.

Attach the luggage bag to the aluminium frame on the underside of the stroller using the hook and loop connectors.

Place the fabric bassinet liner into the bassinet frame.

Attach the bassinet liner using the hook and loop fasteners, beginning with the short ends of the bassinet, then working from the centre outwards on each of the long sides of the bassinet. Attach the lower hook and loop tabs on the centre of each side last.

Click the two clips of the sun canopy onto the bassinet frame.

Press and hold the two small square buttons on the carrying handle while sliding the ends into the slots on the bassinet frame. A click will indicate that it is locked into place.

Fit the apron into place on the foot of the bassinet by hooking the elastic bands onto the hooks on the canopy clips.

Align the side brackets of the bassinet with the legs sticking up from the stroller frame and push down until you hear a click.

Open the seat frame and stand it up on the floor with the seat frame portion leaning at a 45 degree angle.

Slide the seat cover down over the top of the seat frame, making sure the Bugaboo logo is at the front.

Pull the seat cover down tightly and fasten the hook and loop tabs at the bottom and sides of the backrest.

Fold the seat portion of the frame inward to convert it into a seat.

Align the o-ring with the projecting pin on one side of the frame. Turn the frame onto its side and push down on the side of the frame to compress it slightly while you pull the ties and position the o-ring over the projecting pin on the other side of the frame.

Click the plastic connectors of the ties together under the seat.

Attach the two clips of the sun canopy onto the frame.

Press the small white square buttons of the carrying handle while sliding the ends into the slots on the frame until you hear a click on each side.

Slide the side brackets of the seat onto the lugs of the stroller frame until you hear a click.

Press the round buttons on the side brackets of the seat to tilt and position it as desired.

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