Removing the Seat From a Chevy Equinox

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The Chevy Equinox crossover vehicle uses two bucket seats in the front. The rear seat is a single unit with a storage compartment behind it. It is common to remove the rear seat from the vehicle if you don't have many passengers but need more storage space. You may need to remove one or both of the front seats if you need to perform work on any dashboard components. There are similarities in removing either the front or rear seat.

Disconnect the seat belt from the front seat; the release is behind the trim panel on the side of the seat. Pull away the trim on the driver's seat and unscrew the panel with a screwdriver on the passenger seat.

Unscrew and remove the seat's rear mounting bolts, using a wrench.

Disconnect all electrical connectors attached to the seat.

Disengage the hooks connecting the seat at the front end and lift the seat out of the van.

Take out the mat from the cargo area behind the rear seat.

Unscrew and remove the mounting bolts at the back of the seat, which were concealed by the mat, using a wrench.

Remove the mounting bolts at the front end, which are located below the seat cushion.

Lift and carry the whole rear seat out of the vehicle. It may be easiest to carry it out through the rear of the van---through the opened rear lift gate---for which you will likely need a second person's help.

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