How to Adjust the Headlamp in a Toyota Previa

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Toyota Previa became available to automobile consumers in 1990 in the USA. The manufacturing of the Previa ceased in 2000. If you've recently raised or lowered your Toyota Previa, you will need to adjust the headlamps to ensure your light beams are not too high or low.

Unadjusted headlights run risk of blinding other drivers or impairing your own vision while driving at night.

Park your Toyota Previa approximately 25 feet in front of a garage door or wall. Turn the low beam lights on, and turn the engine off.

Open the vehicle's bonnet. Use the flathead screw driver to turn the alignment screws on the headlamps until the headlights are at the desired height.

Close the bonnet. Test drive the vehicle at night, ensuring the lights are properly adjusted.