How to Remove the Front Bumper From a Ford Mondeo

socket wrench image by Jim Mills from

The Ford Mondeo is a large family car that was introduced in January 1993. Equipped with a 16-valve Zetec engine, this vehicle is prominent with European families. Maintenance of the car's exterior is relatively simple, and removing the front bumper is a simple process. Minimal tools are necessary to complete this task, and the removal itself should only take about 30 minutes. Just beware of the frame that the front bumper rests upon when removing.

Park your Ford Mondeo on a flat surface, then lift it with a car jack. Place jack stands under the frame for additional stability.

Loosen the bolts securing the splash guards, using an Allen key. Pull off the splash guards.

Locate the two bolts on both sides of the front of the car, which should be in line with the wheel arch lining. Remove these with a 13-mm socket wrench, then pull the inner arch lining out from under the car.

Pull the front bumper up and then forward, causing it to slide off of the mounts on either side. The bumper should separate from the front of the vehicle in one piece.

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