Pomeranian Trim Styles

Updated November 21, 2016

One of the most popular breeds of dog in the United States, the Pomeranian (also known as a Pom) is a toy dog descended from the German Spitz. Since its thick double coat is prone to matting, it is recommended that Pomeranian owners groom their dogs every day. Some prefer to keep the hair trimmed shorter.


A Pomeranian owner should be prepared to give the dog a maintenance trim every week or so. Excess hair should be trimmed away from the face, the tail, the paws (top and bottom, as well as the nails) and especially the chest. Burrs and other debris often gets caught in the long chest hair of a Pomeranian. Use simple nail or hair scissors for this operation, with cat claw trimmers to cut the nails. Begin grooming your Pomeranian while it is still a puppy, so it is used to being groomed as an adult and does not make your life difficult.

Teddy Bear

The teddy bear cut is ideal for Pomeranians who live in hot climates during the summer months. It is an even all-over trim, best performed by professional groomers with electric clippers. Every groomer has a different way of executing the same style -- some groomers choose to execute the teddy bear cut entirely by hand, with scissors.

Lion Cut

The lion cut is another summery trim style, often preferred by a Pomeranian owner who does not want to entirely lose the Pomeranian's thick outer coat. In a lion cut, the Pomeranian's torso is buzzed short, while the lower legs, tails and heads retain their long fur. A variation of this is the "line cut," for which the groomer buzzes only the chest and belly hair.

Full Shave

Full shaves are not recommended by dog breeders and Pomeranian enthusiasts. A Pomeranian should never be shaved completely bare because it increases the risk of painful ingrown hairs. However, Pomeranian owners who live in hot climates and do not plan on entering any dog shows or other beauty contests might want to consider it. Although the Pomeranian's outer coat may not look the same when it grows back, it will grow back, and the shave may make the Pomeranian much more comfortable during the summer months.

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