How do I Troubleshoot Flashing Lights on an Epson NX105?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Epson Stylus NX105 is an all-in-one, multi-function printer. The Epson NX105 features a control panel designed with three LED lights that flash independently or together for various reasons relating to power, ink level or paper status when the printer is turned on but not in use or turned on and experiencing an error. Troubleshooting these flashing lights isn't difficult and only requires that you learn what the flashing means and then perform the necessary actions to alter the printer's condition.

Press any control panel button except for the "On" button if the "On" light--LED above the button--flashes to take your printer out of sleep mode.

Turn off your Epson NX105 printer if all of the lights on the control panel flash as your printer is malfunctioning. Wait five minutes and then turn the printer back on. If the lights continue to flash, contact Epson immediately as your printer requires more in-depth troubleshooting and possibly off-site repair.

Check the estimated ink levels for each of the four ink cartridges if the "Ink" light--marked with an ink droplet icon--flashes, and replace any spent cartridges as needed. To check, double-click the printer icon on the taskbar and look at the images and percentages presented in the "Ink Levels" section of the "Epson Status Monitor" window that opens.

Remove one or more paper jams if the printer's "On" light and "Paper" light flash together. Pull the paper slowly and carefully from the sheet feeder or paper tray or lift up the scanner, access the printer interior and remove the paper jammed inside. Lower the scanner to its original position and then push the "Color Photo" button to reset the printer and stop the flashing.

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  • Ink cartridges (optional)
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