How to Send a Free MMS to a Mobile

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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) makes it possible for people to send free text messages, pictures and audio files to mobile phones. You can send a free MMS message from your PC to a mobile phone through an MMS gateway application.

An MMS gateway is a software application that provides a Web menu interface you can use to easily compose and send free MMS messages from the gateway to a mobile phone.

Download the MMS gateway application from an online mobile messaging gateway service provider.

Click "Run" or "Install" to install the MMS gateway application in your PC. Run in the default settings/configurations provided by the MMS gateway service provider.

Connect to the Web menu interface on the MMS gateway application. Enter a valid IP address and HTTP port number on your PC's web address bar.

Select "Send MMS" from the menu interface that displays on your screen.

Enter the mobile phone number you want to send an MMS message to on the "Phone Number" box provided on the Web menu interface.

Compose an MMS message in the "Text" box. Provide a subject for the MMS message in the "Subject" box.

Upload content files from your PC using the "Browse" link. Common content files include image files and audio files.

Click "Submit" to send your free MMS to a mobile phone.