How to Use the Scanner on an Epson SX200 Printer

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The Epson SX200 is one of Epson's all-in-one printers. The SX200 is able to not only print documents and photos, but can also copy and scan them. The printer is able to print directly from a memory card, without turning on the attached computer. It can also make copies without the computer. To perform a scan, though, you will need to attach a computer and have the full Epson SX200 software package installed.

Turn on the SX200 and the attached computer. Start the computer's operating system. Check the cable connecting the printer and computer and ensure it is securely attached at each end.

Open the top cover of the printer to reveal the scanning glass. Place the document to be scanned horizontally, with the top-right corner of the document in the lower right corner of the scanning glass.

Close the printer's top cover. Press the "Start" button and wait as the printer scans the document. The Epson Scan software will automatically launch a window on your computer, showing the scanned documents. If the document scan looks correct, click on the "Save" button and choose a spot on your computer's hard drive to save the scanned document.

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